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Milan Milak

Professional fitness consultant

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Dr. Türker Bıyıkl

NASM Master Trainer;

Nişantaşı University, Head of Exercise and Sports SciencesDepartment;

Turkish Wrestling Federation, Head of Physical Performance;

AthleticHouse,founding partner/ CEO;AthleticHouse Academy, Master Instructor;

APAD-Asssociation for Athletic Performance Coaches, founder /chairman;

Türker Bıyıklı, has been training athletes to reach peak performance and also educating professionals in exercise and sports coaching. He has more than 20 years of experience in fitness and health industry as a trainer, manager and consultant. In 2006, he completed his PhD studies in the Institute of Health Sciences, with a thesis in Sports Health. He is currently studying to get his second master’s degree; this time in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. He is a senior lecturer since 2013. He has taught and held executive positions in the School of Physical Education and Sports, first in Gelişim University and now in Nişantaşı University. As well as being a NASM Master Trainer, he holds many international qualifications such as UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach; EREPS Member as Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist; NATA Athletic Trainer; AFAA-Group Fitness Instructor and UEFA-A Licensed Soccer Coach. He is certified in general massage and rehabilitation; and as Pilates, win Cycle, Kinesis, Axis of Life, Functional Fitness and Life Kinetik instructor. He has held a number of management positions as sports director, general manager, consultant and executive board member in prominent health clubs in Istanbul. He has executed performance training camps for professional athletes and performed as sports performance consultant and strength and conditioning coach to many teams. Currently he is head of physical performance for the Turkish National Wrestling Team who have returned from the World Championships Belgrade with four gold and 3 bronze medals.

Miša Bačulov

Coach, motivator, athlete.

Over 20 years in professional combat sports. As an amateur athlete, he won medals at the Balkan, European and world championships. He fought professionally for 10 years in the Czech Republic as one of their athletes and for two years in the Netherlands.

Trainer since 2012. Founder of the Ronin-Carnage Striking System, one of the most recognizable fighting styles from this region, and owner of the largest Serbian martial arts franchise, Ronin-Carnage Global. Trained many professional champions, organized 15 international Striking Camps, which are one of the largest in Europe. Also known for his charity organization “Budi Heroj” where he collected large funds for children with disabilities.

Topics: Motivation in sport, Ronin-Carnage Assault Training system

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Aleksandar Ivanovski

Founder and CEO of the Belgrade School of Animators BSA

Assistant principal and proffesor at College of sport and Health, Belgrade.

In 2006, he completed his PhD at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade. He is a team leader for over 25 years in various teams of up to 30 people from all over Europe in the territory of Greece, Serbia, Montenegro etc, and also a team leader in organization of children’s festivals and camps where more than 500 children from all cultures and nations take part. For many years, he has been working as a coordinator and organizer of children’s festivals, recreational and communication camps for children and adults, and various competitions. He managed sports clubs, associations for recreational animation and team building, organized classes at the College of Sport and Health, on the subjects of sport and tourism, and tourism-pedagogical practice. He has a large number of published scientific papers and books. He has also been invited at many seminars and lecturing as key note speaker.

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Ana Petrović

Licensed IDBB operational trainer and manager in sports

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Predrag Marjanović

Predrag Marjanović

THERAGUN master trener i THERABODY edukator


Milan Zarić

Owner of City Fitness clubs from Belgrade.
Author of the book “FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR”

Milan graduated from the academic studies of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade, where he earned the title of professor of sports. He continued his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in Novi Sad, earning the title of Master of Sports and Physical Education. Expert contributor to the magazines Lepota & Zdravlje, Mens Health, as well as the internet portal B92 for texts in the field of fitness. According to the decision of the Association for Recreation and Fitness of Serbia, he was declared the best fitness trainer in Serbia for 2014.


Bojana Paljić

Founder of the recreation club, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

She is the founder of the recreation club “Mia Fit”, which is located in two locations in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in 2004. For 23 years, she has been working as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and instructor of various group fitness programs such as: Tag, Pilates, Fit-box, Step, Workout, Hi-low, Tae-bo. She is the author of many articles in the fields of fitness, healthy eating, recreation and healthy living.

As an educator and presenter through various shows, she contributed to the popularization of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She participated in numerous fitness conferences and seminars, and is the holder of a large number of certificates: workout – preventive-corrective program, functional training with choreography in aerobics and step aerobics, hi-low choreography, stretching and proprioception exercises, technique and methodology of tae-bo aerobics, proprio- plio workout and functional body workout. By developing the fitness industry, supporting a healthy lifestyle, pointing out the advantages and benefits of regular physical activity, she is one of the leading and well-known faces of fitness in our region and beyond.

Dušan Mitić

Professor. Dusan Mitic, PhD, Born in 1956.
Faculty of Sport and Physical Education University of Belgrade, Department for Recreation

President of Election Council of Social Sciences in University of Belgrade

In addition to the parent, he works as a Faculty lecturer for recreational, fitness, animation and sports tourism on several domestic and foreign universities.

Particularly interested in modeling incitement to physical activity, motivation, and promotion of physical activity and healty life style. Together with the students working on generating and testing new models to encourage and monitor the effects of physical activity.

Developer of
o Aerobic Happening 2003-2021

Co-Developer of BSA-Belgrade School for Animation in Tourism

Vice-president Sport for All Serbia

Member TAFISA Europe Steering Committee

President Association of Expert of Recreation of Belgrade

Member of Team for Developing Strategy of Sport in Serbia

Topics: Developing sense of belonging to a fitness club